From Zero Minute Performance to 30 Minutes Non stop

4 Years Ago My wife Told me She's Leaving Me Because I Was Too Weak in Bed.. But Today She Calls Me Bed Champ



 But Today I found a Natural Solution That Forces women To Ask For More


Here is my Testimony


I'm desmond from portharcout,  The dude whose wife divorced because of poor performance in bed 4 years Ago.

In case You Asked If I was Born weak to perform in bed, The answer is No. I am Not, In fact I can Last 45 minutes in the first round and ask for second jack if she's not tired.. But the whole story suddenly changed after I contacted one of the deadly sexually Transmitted disease. STD


I kept it  to my self, Couldn't even tell my wife.


I actually looked  for solution from one means to another, I bought several drugs, But Yet No solution.

The Case worsen when I discovered my Joystick "Penis"
 was getting small, smaller day by day.. Ha see me see trouble. it was too unbearable to cope with.


and my wife said enough is enough, I'm not a wood, blood flows through my body, I can't cope with this anymore and she Left me alone with my Kid.


I felt Like committing suicide


But I held on the word "when there's life there's Hope" .. even though there was no Money to further on treatment, No hope coming.



But Miracle Happened after 3 Years 8 Months My Wife Left Me



4 Months Ago I was With some folks at a Vendor's stand debating on sport and news of the day. 

Since I'm a true Lover of sport and at that time that was what I do to make myself happy .


But I never knew That Day would be a day of my turn around, and of what that's stopped working could start performing again.

Yeah. It was in the sport paper of the day That I got the contact details of the man that rescue me from the embarrassment of Pre ejaculation and the STD infection.

His name is Dr Albert,

My Mind said I Should Call me, even though I've contacted several doctors, herbal doctors, I've bought pills, even went to Vigil upon vigil but nothing happens. one man even scammed me of My Hard earns on The Useless Magic ring.


so I wiped away my doubt "If This man is gonna be my messiah or Not"   when I got Home I called Him and I explained My condition. No place to hide anymore, I am Shameless to say My problem.

since the Man has closed for the day, He said I should call the Next day. so Second morning, I was busy watching the time as If I've an interview with my employers.

but No, it was actually My Joystick palava that gave me a sleepless Night.

At exactly 7:48 am,  I gave him a call, and I told  Everything How it started, How I contracted it, I WAS SO DEPRESSED and he calmed me down and Said to God all things are possible.


He said

 Have you heard of a Natural Herbal Drug Called ALBERCHIN HERBAL FORMULA( megaman) & ALBERCHIN HERBAL POWDER ?

 Then I replied No.. Not at all

Nafdac Number is A7-1690L .



Nafdac Number is A7-1693L .



Dr Albert Olatunde Olanrewaju the founder and ceo of ALBERCHIN HERBAL CURE LIMITED who studied traditional herbal medicine at the prestigious Qingdao Ocean University, Shandong province, People’ Republic of China.


Introduced this powerful drug, I got the pack and started using them according to his prescription and to Glory  be to God, I'm free, I'm a Man Now

 and even my wife is begging to Come back, But I said No... or should I take her Back?


any way over to My doctor He wants to tell You  something

I'm Doctor Albert Olatunde Olanrewaju , a Trado medical doctor who had a sound Tradition Medicine Experience at the best Trado cure country China.


Immediately I got the details of Mr Desmond, we have to work according to result and Know exactly what's wrong with Him.  as a result of This I was able to Know the right drug To use for the Cure of His poor performance in Bed and Weakness is sperm and low sperm Count.



Over the years while I was away studying in China, I've believed and Learnt that one of the Most embarrassed Illness that could take away the well being of a Man, is when He stop performing as a Man. Nothing can be so hypertetic than this.

Having Millions or billions in account is not what makes a man, giving her the knock to beg for more is what makes her cherish you like a man, and ability to turn the ejaculation to baby.

what of situation when the sperm is weak, or zero count? The solution is this drug That I called Herbal Formula. {MegaMan}


while Alberchin Herbal Powder Alberchin Powder cures all infections. It cures Pile, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Staphylococcus aureus, Infertility problem, Itching of the privte part, Viginal discharge, Pot belly and other peristent STDs. It also burns fat quickly



Doctor Albert Tell Me More about Herbal Formula

ALBERCHIN HERBAL FORMULA is 100% Herbal Formula for hard rock erection and libido booster in male and female. It corrects weakness of the penis, lost of sexual desire, quick ejaculation. It boosts sperm count abd give a super hard rock erection for better sex enjoyment.
Mega-Man is a 21 herbal extract from the best raw materials from Nigeria and China to enhance sexual stamina and support healthy erectile function


Further More it


Improves low sperm count and sexual performance. Useful for infertility and sexual dysfunctions.

Improving fertility and fight frigidity in men and women.

An antioxidant and improves sexual competent

Correct weak erection and boost low sperm count.

Increase the sexual drive in men and women.

Enhance the overall health of men and control quick ejaculation.

It improves physical, mental and sexual activities.

Increases sperm count in men and strengthens eggs in women.

Promotes sexual vitality and reverses impotence.

Extends the life of men.

Very useful for infertility.

It strengthens kidney and male organs.

Also used for low sperm, bad quality sperm, seminal mission, impotence and sterility etc.

Useful for male adult to strengthen their sexual function, weakness, impotence, premature ejaculation etc.




Like the say's goes , seeing is believing and our record speaks for us.

Below are testimonies from those I've treated in one way or the other. those sharing their testimonies after the effective use of our products



My dear Dr. Albert, you have a wonderful and great product in MEGAMAN. It completely rejuvenates; at 60,I now perform like a 25 year old. This great remedy works. Regards. --- Uncle Jones .Monrovia, Liberia.




I have use the product Herbalrich and Alberchin and most beautiful of all ,my husband will say is Megaman; They are all wonderful product, that clears all forms of infections especially Staphylococcus. I dabbed into it on goggle and today we are thankful to God Almighty after a comprehensive test --- Madam I.C.




Megaman is a real super action herbal Viagra .It gives me satisfaction as my customers are saying it gives them hard rock erection and sexual satisfaction .--- Mr.Tee



Do You also Have any STD, suffering from Pre ejaculation, do You cum faster or can't perform at all cost?


Whatever the Case,

The solution To Your Case is Alberchin herbal Formular {MegaMan] and Alberchin Herbal Powder, A Natural cure to This disease and you say Good bye to this embarrassment and Life treating disease.

Nafdac tested the drugs and proved us  right,


Thank You Doctor Albert .  You're a God sent


I want to be free from this embarrassment


I want To Last Longer in Bed

I want my Husband perform Like a Man


I want To Be Free from This STD


I want to stop Taking all these pills that have no effects



I'm ready To Get My Own Pack of Alberchin Herbal Formula{Mega Man} for Low erection and premature Ejaculation

or Cure all ATDs



 Inside Each Pack of Mega Man and Alberchin Herbal Powder, There are 24 sachets each  Plus Instruction on How to Use them medically.

This drug is tested and the result as shown how effective it is .. and we ship it free all over Nigeria.. or You can also pick it Up at our office



Option One.  to get either of the drug

for low erection, premature ejaculation get mega man only

for stds infection, syphilis, staphylococcus, gonorrhea and so on Get Alberchin herbal powder


for Both symptoms .. get both for total cure


How To Order

Make a deposit of N14,000 for mega man or N12,000 for Alberchin Herbal Powder into any of below accounts Via Mobile Money Transfer, Online banking, Atm Transfer or Bank Deposit.


and If You Pay within 72 hours You get a discount of N2000. That is You Pay N12,000 Only for Mega Man, or You Pay N10,000 for Alberchin


and if you are getting both You will pay N20,000 only


Account number one

GTBANK 0017123232



Account number Two

FIRST BANK : 3076466929



After Payment

Notify any of  Our Hotlines By  Sms (07085259626, 08065480594, 08093843797)

 in below Format


I paid for MegaMan or Alberchin herbal powder or Both, Full Name, Bank Paid to, Location, Home/office Address, Receiver's Name, Phone Number.




Option Two

Come along with Your Teller or Cash and Pick Up Your MegaMan Packs directly from Our Office

at our office ALBERCHIN HERBAL CURE LTD at 26, ikotun – idimu road, college busstop, kazam plaza suite 50

Sales hot numbers:

Gloria : 08181717898,

Dr. Patrick . 08077489812 / 07044974073

Francis 08099766025

We will add more location


Good day to you all, we thank God for his love. ALBERCHIN HERBAL CURE LIMITED URGENTLY NEED AGENTS FOR THESE STATES; RIVERS, IMO , ENUGU , KOGI, KANO, KADUNA, AKWA IBOM, DELTA ,EDO ,OYO AND BENUE STATES. Interested company or individual should contact me via email: or call 08093843797. thanks


Always remember  Your health is wealth


Dr Albert

Ceo Alberchin Herbal Cure Limited

Hotlines: 07085259626, 08065480594, 08093843797


BBM PIN: 515D1942